Hi! My name is Ms. Harsh. Please join me as I travel to Churchill Canada to study climate change.

Monday, September 14, 2009

See Ya Soon!

Well today is our last day. We have processed all the samples as far as pH and conductivity- well over 200 total samples. Some of the samples have to be finished by the next Earthwatch group as far as the drying and loss on ignition test, the size of the muffle oven was the limiting factor on those tests. It has been a great experience. This is a very unique place. There are not any roads connecting it to other towns. All goods have to be brought in by boat, train or flown in. All the water here at the study center has to be pumped up- so water conservation is strictly enforced. The center here, along with the whole town also recycles, which is very important.
I have had many unique experiences here, belugas, bears, bugs, food and people. I have not been able to watch TV or use my cell phone at all and I have realized that many times people get so caught up in their own whole that we forget to stop and look around and experience life. Even though we were busy from 7 am until 9 pm every evening, I had a chance to stop and realize what a great world we live in and how much we often miss or take for grated. I want to challenge you to take a day- go for a hike, boat ride, or even just take a moment to sit outside and really take a close look at the world around you and ask yourself the question: am I doing my part to preserve and protect this great planet? or what can I do to help? Dr. Kershaw said it best; it is the individuals that will make the difference in this world- one person is the first step.

See you soon and enjoy the show.


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